Sunday, August 8, 2010

Waupoos (Day 9)

One of our favourite stops on the lake.  We're not alone - Waupoos sees quite a bit of traffic from Toronto.  There is a whole flotilla here from RCYC.  Plus some visiting boats from Montreal.

Tried to pick out different club burgies while we had breakfast at the Blue Moose Galley.

Wind is keeping us land lubbers for today, that's fine with me.  Lots to check out.  Took a solitary walk this morning, wanting to see if the people up the road planted sunflowers again this year, but no. This year's crop seems to be soy beans, little edamame pods on green leafy stems. Also  checked out a cottage garden, the apple orchard and discovered an old stump covered in mushrooms.

Hopped into the hot tub this gloomy grey afternoon, and then went to the pay phone to make reservations for the Duke of Marysburgh. It's been quite awhile since I put a quarter in to make a call - now it is double the price.  The cell phone doesn't seem to work here.  It was a bit of a novelty dropping the quarters into the coin box.

The Dew Drop Inn at the marina feels like it would be home in Murano, Venice.
Waupoos is in Prince Edward County - "apple country".  Great cideries around here!

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Mary-Laure said...

Thanks for taking us on this walk with you. I love discovering new cities through blogs. Those apples are just beautiful.