Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Cruising - Home Again

First time in all these years we've stopped at Whitby Yacht Club. Nice floating docks! Spacious. I was surprised to see the club was established in 1966, a few decades before BPYC. A lovely beach.

For dinner, we walked to a nearby pub and it was eerie how quiet these suburban streets were.

Whitby Yacht Club

The next day, we sailed past Bluffers and on to Toronto Island and Queen City Yacht club for some island time. Another first - we got a slip right at the very foot of the Club House. Just a hop out and a few steps to the restaurant, washrooms and Snug. All the amenities close at hand, and not as bumpy as I thought. Lots of sandbags still, and cat walks, and the sump pump pumping. There was a Tshirt for sale - QCYC Flood of 2017 - many members were taking sharpies and updating the year.

A full day to hang out. Riding our bikes, exploring Ward's. Fun on Centre Island - Rob bought us some tickets for the log plume ride, the Haunted House, and the Sky Ride. The beach! And no cooking on the boat whatsoever, taking meals at the QCYC Dining room, Riviera, or Island Cafe.  

Such a stunning view.

QCYC - view from the restaurant patio - notice the sandbags!


A fabulous sail home on August 20; still some holidays left!

Whitby Saturday night August 17
QCYC Sunday night August 18 and 19

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Full Sailor moon August 2019

We decided to get while the getting was good, to head back around the 'outside.'  Fair winds and sailing for about 3/4 of the trip, we rounded the bend into the Murray while the moon was just coming up. Swans swimming in the moonlight.

The next day, a long-ish trip to Cobourg, where we decided on a slip. Who should be in town but Mike and Lynn. Out for the first restaurant meal of the trip, to a sushi/North Korean restaurant.  Delicious!

We opted for another night in Cobourg, taking Sunglimmer's place on the wall.

Enjoyed the garden, went for a walk on the waterfront trail and then went to the public beach for a swim. Just floating in the gentle surf, looking up at the big sky.

Our trip coincided with Ribfest and a free concert in the park. The Good Brothers! The last time I saw them perform I was a kid and it was 44 years ago. Rob had memories of his own, seeing them around the same time at the Brockdan in Sudbury. They are truly excellent musicians, and after a lifetime of performing together it looks like they are still having fun.

Stepping back on to Yondering at the end of the night, I admired the nine boats at anchor, navigation lights bobbing like fireflies against the moonlit sky.

Wednesday August 15 the moon was full when we were at the wall in the Murray
Just as big in Cobourg at our slip on Thursday August 16.
Waning when we were tied to the reciprocal wall August 17.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Waupoos 2019

The first few days at Waupoos were perfect temperatures for jumping off the boat and into the water for a swim. It was the first thing I did when we arrived after our three day haul.

One evening Caroline treated us all to a ribfest on her boat, entertaining Alex and Aldo, Lynn and Mike, and Rob and me. The ribs were done to perfection in the pressure cooker and there was enough to feed the crowd. Lyn and I brought salads to complete the feast. The sunset that night was so beautiful.

The next morning we hopped a ride in Caroline's dinghy to the shore, checking out the little frogs. There were several snakes coiled on the rocks, barely visible when not moving. Luca, the dog we had taken to shore, almost trotted right on top of one, only seeing it once it started to slither; then he needed to be restrained so he wouldn't try to play. There were also snakes swimming in the shallow waters near the shore, their heads lifted like periscopes. I was not thrilled to see them so at home in the water, knowing we shared the lake for a swim.

After three nights at Little Bluffs we went into the marina for more ice, and an effort to fix our dinghy, which has been out of commission. The second day we set sail, we noticed a slow leak, so Rob deflated it to fix later. Unfortunately, no luck. It now rests in the bottom of the dumpster at the marina.

Waupoos shelter
Very dramatic skies and high winds kept us at the dock, although Awful Beloved and Alcione remained safely tucked into their anchorages. There were brief squalls with cloudbursts, lightning and thunder.

The marina is not what it was when we first started sailing east years ago. No more blue moose, or restaurant serving breakfasts on Saturday morning, or whimsical paintings and folk art on the barn doors. Even in 2015 the folk art on Cannery Row, though faded, added charm. Unfortunately the new owners do not quite have the same sensibilities. Still, the docks are safe harbour and it is the only place for fuel and ice for miles around.

Sunglimmer joined us on the docks Friday. Rob, Lyn and I went for a nice long walk to Waupoos Winery. Along the way back we picked up provisions and fresh eggs. That evening we barbecued under the shelter.
Van Deusan

Saturday and Sunday it was back to anchor at Van Deusan. One of the cottages has been keeping a wood fire stoked, which adds to the feeling of autumn in the air. A popular spot -  there are eight boats anchored here this Sunday morning. Awful Beloved and Alcion headed in to Waupoos shortly after we dropped anchor, to enjoy a dinner on shore, but Sunglimmer is closeby.

During the day, just swinging on a hook, enjoying the view, and reading. Cooler temperatures make it less appealing to jump in the lake but it is still such deep pleasure to feel the breezes and the swing of the boat.

Since the storms the nights have been much cooler and we need extra blankets for a comfortable sleep. Evenings we've been playing cards with Lyn and Mike in our cabins, bug screens keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

Sunday afternoon we dinghied up the Black River Creek with Mike and Lyn's for some ice cream; Monday morning Sunglimmer started their journey back. Mike very kindly offered us their dinghy but we declined.

My most favourite day at Waupoos this year was anchored just off the island and across from the marina, just Rob and I. It was warm enough to swim again, the water clear and calm. Sunset was incredible. A beautiful, beautiful day.

All in all, six nights at anchor, three nights tied to the dock.

- Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights at Little Bluffs.
- Thursday and Friday nights at Waupoos Marina
- Saturday and Sunday nights at Van Deusan
- Monday night Waupoos Marina
- Tuesday night Waupoos Anchorage

Monday, August 5, 2019

Setting sail

In Waupoos at the start of our three week vacation! It took us three days to get here: motoring to Cobourg; sailing to the Murray; sailing via the 'outside' route. Clear skies and starry nights.

Here we are at Little Bluffs. Awful Beloved is here, and so are Sunglimmer and Alcione.

Sitting inside the cabin enjoying the pitter patter of rain. Squall warnings in effect. So far, no thunder.

This year we haven't been out in the boat much (just 5 times total before the trip). A shakedown sail on Father's Day in June followed by 3 day sails and then a weekend trip to the island. Partly due to the high water making it challenging to get on and off the boat - very limited reciprocals, too.

So I am especially savouring this time on the water.
at anchor in Cobourg

tied to the wall at Murray

Little Bluffs

Saturday August 3 - anchored in Cobourg
Sunday August 4 - tied to the wall at the Murray
Monday August 5 - dropped anchor at Little Bluffs!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

July in the backyard

We took advantage of some mid-season sales to arrange some comfortable seating. Cool corners for reading in the backyard, or just gazing up into the leaves. and watching them rustle against the blue sky. Griskit usually joins me, hanging close but not too close. If you look closely in the photos you can see her perched.

The ravine has turned into a jungle, with many of the transplants doing quite well. The problem is there are many invasive ones finding root, including Japanese knotweed and garlic mustard. Although the English ivy looks pretty and grew slowly in the shade, I've started pulling it out as it is quite aggressive and offers no food for birds or insects. A smoke tree found its way, and though such a pretty colour, this is also known to take over. I've spent many hours weeding the ravine this month and I think it may be a losing battle to some extent. Maybe just clear the immediate vicinity and most reachable areas. The steep slope makes it challenging to navigate. 

velvet petals of Jackmani clematis

a punch of colour