Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Picton (Day 10 & 11)

Motored for six straight hours and got into Picton just ahead of the rain.  Took a taxi into town for dinner and a movie, floating along the rainy streets in a big yellow poncho.

This is one night we should have stayed on the boat.... I ordered wings and they were the saltiest ever. The sauce may have actually turned parts of my tongue inside out. A-salt on the palate!  Rob’s dinner was okay... he had his third blue cheese & bacon burger of the trip and said this latest as not quite enough cheese, with a bun that was too small.  (The best burger was at the Duke, with angus beef, carmelized onion and creamy blue cheese). Turned out the movie theatre was closed on Monday nights, so we headed back down the hill to watch The Darjeeling Limited on a DVD.

This is definitely one of our favourite films - a road movie and spiritual quest.  Great music, dialog, a quirky plot, off beat pacing and deadpan hilarity.  The dynamics between the brothers, their mom and their deceased father are wonderfully choreographed by the director Wes Anderson. Not sure if this movie got nominated for Best Art Direction, but it deserved it, the colours and blending of patterns and textures adding a whole other channel in to the whimsy.

Woke up to a very misty morning on the dock.  Only fifteen feet to touch a cloud.  The spiderwebs were so heavy with dew they were sagging.  The dock had turned into a gallery of hundreds of crystal spiderwebs.  I wondered if the spiders saw this as a catastrophe through their eight-eyed universe.  No self-respecting bug would be caught dead in those webs - they were so very visible.

Made a tasty breakfast of oatmeal, yogurt, nuts, dried fruit & sprinkled cinnamon & ground vanilla with sugar.  Yum!

Sigh. We are now more than halfway through the holiday and trying to decide how agressively we need to return to our home port. Strong winds are forecast for the end of the week, and we don’t want to make the 12 hour trip from Cobourg in high wind/high waves.  Not such a fun combination.

Now is a perfect time paraphrase the words of Ursula La Guinn:  it is good to have a destination, better to enjoy the journey.

Misty morning in Picton


Virginia Munroe said...

Hi Diane,
I have really been enjoying reading about yours and Rob's sailing vacation. That risotto recipe sounded awesome. Any chance you could share it?

Love and warmest regards to you and Rob,

Diane said...

Happy summer! I will post the risotto recipe when I get back home... I tend to improvise so don't have it on hand right now.
I can't believe summer is almost over

we'll have to try to get together before the leaves turn colour!

Diane said...

Here is the recipe: