Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grassy Point (Day 11)

cooling off in the lake
Arrived at Grassy Point (near Belleville) in the late afternoon.  There were about eight other boats when we dropped anchor and then twelve other boats by the time night fell.

After a refreshing swim I made dinner - chick pea curry, madras potatoes and raita... and chapatis from scratch.  These flat breads have become a traditional sailing treat.

Managed to see a single shooting star before the clouds rolled in.  There were squall warnings for the eastern side of the lake and we felt the edge of the storm as well.  To the point that during the night Rob had to start the engine to keep us in place.  We saw a 26 footer coming in like a blurr, the sailors on board trying to keep her under control. 

When I got up early in the morning there were fewer boats - apparently some didn’t want to stay the night.

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