Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grassy Point to Cobourg (Day 12)

Many hours on the water today. Some spent sailing but mostly motored. Somewhere along the way we woke up a nest of flies and it seemed like several hundred descended on the boat. Big ones, small ones, teensy ones. Where do they come from, out of the blue like that? I pulled out a fly-swatter and the cockpit is now littered with their carcasses.

Sailing past Pres’quille we saw a few Trumpeter swans with signets. I wonder if they are offspring of the ones from Bluffers Park?

Now we are tied up at the dock in Cobourg. I’m enjoying a Caesar cocktail and the sight of the lights reflecting on the water. Watching the spiders spin their webs. Are these Cobourg spiders or Bluffer’s stow-aways?

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