Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perseid Meteor Showers (Day 13)

Tonight the Perseid Meteor Showers will be at their peak - 80 to 100 shooting stars an hour.

The spectacle actually started about 1.5 weeks ago and will continue for awhile after tonight. 
Some media sources make this sound like a fireworks show, and set expectations really high.  But catching a shooting star takes patience - and when you are close to city lights, only the really bright ones make it through the light pollution.

It's been a pretty cloudy trip but on clear nights we've been able to catch quite a few.  Sometimes just a little spark in the periphery, and once or twice a big yellow trail.  I even saw one with a red nose! 

The Perseid meteor showers are one of my favourite times of year... if you don't see shooting stars you have a great excuse to just spend time staring off into space.  And casting wishes.

Here are tips from the Weather Network to enjoy the show

Some time lapse shots from last year:

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