Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cobourg (Day 13)

I was walking along the dock when I overheard someone commenting about how they'll buy a boat when they retire.

I'm so glad we didn't wait - who knows what will happen between now and then?

Eight years ago, when Rob and I would come here and wander along the docks, he would talk about buying a sailboat as if it were actually in the realm of possibility.  I remember protesting, something about paying off the mortgage first. Now I joke with him about how great it was that I came up with the idea to buy a boat. 

Cobourg is a pretty historic port, with lots of scenic views and plenty to do within walking distance.  There's a sandy beach, a boardwalk, an ecology garden, historic buildings, book stores and great restaurants just  a few minutes walk away.  Apparently Elton John's mom-in-law spends some time in one of the condos here, so we keep our eyes peeled, just in case.  I bet Sir Elton doesn't walk the docks in his concert garb, though, so he might not be so easy to spot.

The morning was overcast so we decided to hit the shops.  I picked up some tea, Rob picked up some vinyl (Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys).  We had a great lunch at the Corfu restaurant and then went to explore a reclamation building store... filled with three centuries worth of doors, stained glass windows, antique chandeliers and hardware.   Good thing we were on bikes otherwise I may have made a few impulse buys. There was one door knocker in particular - a lion that would have been quite at home on a door in Venice. 

Even the sea gulls are enjoying the view!

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