Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to the North Shore (Day 8)

The last night at Fair Haven was very bumpy at the dock.  Lots of pitching, rolling and yawling as the the waves knocked on the hull.  I woke several times, a bit disoriented by all the bobbing about in the boat.

Time to head out.  We just weren’t sure if we would cross over to the north shore or head west, it depended on which way the wind would blow.  When the forecast called for light variable winds, we opted to cross the water.

Once we made the decision and started across, the strong wind warnings came on the radio.  So we reefed the main sail in expectation.  Then the sails began to luff in light wind, so we set the lines free. Of course, that’s when the winds picked up again.  Out on the water nature is always reminding you who’s boss.  No argument from me!

Full day; some of the best sailing of the trip. Also no wind, and too much wind.  Changing directions, too.

Very comfortable temperatures. Bright sunny skies and great clouds.  Waves 3-5 feet.  Wind 15 - 20 knots at points.

Crossing the lake always amazes me.  When we sail away from the coast, it takes hours for the land to disappear.  It feels like  you aren’t making any headway at all, and then suddenly the land disappears.  Then you spend a few hours in the middle without land on either horizon before little land bumps appear in the distance.  After that point it still takes hours to finalize the approach. 

Today was just 13 hours (and one novel) later.   By 7 p.m. all I really wanted was to either drop anchor or tie up to a dock. Ocean crossings must be brutal.

The other thing that amazes me is navigation.  There are no helpful signs poking up out of the water to confirm your orientation; often there are no markings for depth.  Even now with GPS it is a bit intimidating.  What about uncharted territory, or having to steer by the stars?  On cloudy nights?

The wind really started to pick up as we came into Waupoos.  We docked at the marina with a view of several sailboats on mooring balls.

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Neil and Susan Brown said...

Its nice to hear you are making headway.Your winds sound very familiar as do your sailing days. We are having finicky winds that can't decide which way to blow. Love your descriptions as you sail. Your blog is inspiring me for our upcoming sail to New Brunswick. We have a a few days before the heavy winds start again. Happy sailing Diane! Susan :)