Friday, August 6, 2010

Fair Haven (Day 7)

I can’t believe it is Day 7 already - time is flying by. Strong winds are conspiring to keep us here another day.  Bonus:  the weather has cooled off considerably.

We discovered some very welcoming corners in town today. Main Street was full of friendly shopkeepers and townspeople were waving and saying hello.  We checked out antique shops, gift stores and came across a wonderful spot called The Fly by Night Cookie Factory.  The treats here were amazing!  Pecan bars, chocolate sticks, coconut shortbread.  Out back there was a shade garden and Book Nook.  The front verandah was full of whimsical folk carvings.  They have concerts here, too bad we'll miss the next one - Celtic harpists.

Next to this place there was someone with a wonderfully subversive sense of humour.  They'd posted signs, but these brought laughs:  red octogons that said 'Go', "three-hour barking" with a silhouette of a dog, and a notice that thanked you for noticing.

Lunch at the Pleasant Beach Hotel with a great view.  Fabulous food.

Plus, we got the top secret internet code from the yacht club, for a small fee.

Really enjoyed this little port.

We went for a nice, long bike ride tonight.  Up and down hills to look at the lake.  I collected some rocks for the garden out back.

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Mary-Laure said...

I love that NOTICE sign! It's just hilarious.