Friday, August 6, 2010

Little Sodus Bay (Day 6)

Woke up to the sound of rain on the hull and enjoyed our coffee with some rolling thunder.  The storm went as quickly as it came, so we pulled up anchor and headed east.

The showers brought cooler temperatures for a few hours, but by the time we dropped anchor in Little Sodus Bay mid-afternoon, our boat felt like a toaster oven again. The metal barbecue, although unused, felt as though coals inside were red hot.

We jumped into the lake for a refreshing swim and then took the dinghy over to explore the scenic town. 

Fair Haven seems to lack a certain generosity of spirit.  It gives the impression it’s been taken advantage of in the past and it won’t stand for any more shenanigans.  Signs on dumpsters shouting  NO UNAUTHORIZED DUMPING - YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED, washrooms in stores not open to customers, padlocks on the toilet paper dispensers in the public park to keep you from stealing the rolls. 

We decided to stay at the yacht club overnight because the winds were coming on strong.  Although they offer reciprocals, FYC designate that visiting boats dock on the north wall, where it is bumpy, instead of in the many empty and sheltered slips. More posted signs: ‘MEMBERS ONLY LOUNGE’, ‘MEMBERS ONLY BARBECUES’, and an internet password that is top secret.

Oh well.  The view is great, the swimming is wonderful, and the other visiting boaters are friendly. 

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