Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Sackets Harbour

This is our first time sailing to Sackets Harbour, although we did take a road trip back in 2010 and stayed in a great B&B while we explored the territory. This is a historic 1812 battle site, and had we arrived the previous weekend we would likely have seen re-enactments.

We'd originally thought we'd head for Henderson's Harbour, but there weren't directions for clearing customs in the Ports book, and we weren't comfortable with the answers we were getting from boat clubs. The phone for Border Services and Customs in Saint Vincent was connecting to a fax when we tried to call. So, to save future headaches we altered course for Sackets.

It took eight hours to cross, a few hours sailing and the rest motoring. It was unbelievably hot when we tied to the dock and walked over to the videophone. By the time we got to the part in the conversation where we show our passports, we'd realized we'd left them on the boat, each thinking the other had taken them. Sweaty walk back to the boat, so we took the dinghy for the return trip.

We also dinghied over to dinner at the Boathouse. Fun way to travel, and a bit cooler.

There is a lovely green woodland garden here at Navy Point, with the lake on one side and docks on the other. Perfect for morning meditation.

I also found a spot to do my morning yoga in a nearby wooden gazebo. It was flying both American and Canadian flags, but the wind was favouring the maple leaf when I took the photo. If there was a friendly American nearby I might have teased them about how it was proof the Loyalists won the war of 1812. Maybe it was a good thing no one was there, they might not have thought it as funny as I did.

When I opened the door to the gazebo, a big spider dangled in the passageway, and rather than swatting it out of the way I waited for it to move. No response, so I opened and closed the door a few more times until it got the hint and skittled up the web out of harms way. Lots of spider webs on the inside, and I caught the heebie jeebies. In the spirit of equanimity I did a lot of balancing poses and then realized, I've just passed the balance point of the vacation. Yesterday was day 11, and today is day 12 of 21. How quickly time flies.

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