Thursday, August 4, 2016

Henderson Harbour

This is a restful port with a beautiful view of the boats tied to mooring balls. Just the kind of scene I would like to be able to paint in watercolours someday.

Day 13, we docked at Henderson Harbour Yacht Club. Full reciprocals are offered with BPYC, so we could stay here for three nights free. It's a great little clubhouse, too, with comfy chairs perched to a view of the water. So hot when we were there, and unfortunately, the health department had closed the swimming area until further notice. Not sure whether the boats or Canada Geese are to blame.

We barbecued Korean ribs for supper, served with the leftover Cobb salad. The crispy, crunchy greens were an effective antidote to the heat. When the sun went down and breeze started to blow, I realized how much the heat had knocked me out. A very early night.

Now we are looking over to the fuel docks waiting for them to open. We want a full tank for our trip back to the North Shore.

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