Saturday, August 6, 2016

Little Bluffs

Day 14 we sailed back into Canadian waters. One tack, 5 hours, 6+ knots. The best sail of the trip so far!

We had to secure our lines before customs would clear us, so back to Waupoos marina. Bush Goat, aka Medina, wasn't to be seen but responded to our texts from Little Bluffs.

I thought Little Bluffs was the nickname Bluffers Park sailors had given this Prince Edward County anchorage, but it is a place on the map, just around the corner from Half Moon Bay. We've never stayed here before, and what a gorgeous spot. Deep water, rocky shore, high cliffs.

Once we arrived, I jumped in the water to cool down. Dinner was tasty and quick: barbecued lamb chops, couscous, and cucumber salad. Then over to Medina, where Rob, Mike and I sat in the dinghies and stared up into the brilliant night sky. Perseids is forecast to be at its peak between August 11 -13, but I kept my eyes heavenward and saw seven shooting stars in half an hour.

Slept soundly and woke to a beautiful sunrise. Later we dinghied to shore and explored the rocky cliffs. Medina left late morning but we stayed, enjoying the sway of the hook until late afternoon.

Strong winds forecast, so back to Waupoos for the evening. It was sweltering, oppressively hot but I started to feel a bit better after the sun went down and breezes blew. A cold shower before I went to bed helped, too.

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