Sunday, August 7, 2016


Storm overnight, and rain, finally. It's been a Stage 3 drought and hard for the farmers and vintners in Prince Edward County.

Day 15, and Rob and I were debating whether to stay, or go, and if we were to go, would it be Stella/Kerr or Picton? We opted for Picton and set out from Waupoos about 9:30, arriving at Prince Edward Yacht Club around 3:30.

Light or no winds meant some motor sailing, and when went through Adolphus Reach, the water was pretty bouncy. I stood on the top deck near the bow and enjoyed the sun and wind as we passed the ferry docks and then turned around the bend.
We grabbed a slip and at the end of the dock there was a tug we were admiring. It turned out to belong to an ex-Bluffer, Brian O, who was more than happy to give a tour of his work in progress. He’d purchased it as a project and was fixing it up. It will be a nice floating cottage when he’s finished. I asked how he’d adjusted from sailing to power boating, and he said he wasn’t sure himself at first how much he would love it, but he does. The boat is more stable when navigating rough waters and offers better protection in nasty weather.

Hot!  Hot!  Hot! The water in this harbour isn't appealing for swimming,  too many w

eeds floating on top. It was very hot and humid, so we thought we'd cool off by visiting the air-conditioned theatre in town. Star Trek was playing.

Before heading out I cooked up a lamb tangine, which made the cabin in the boat even hotter. Things cooled off considerably by the time we came home, and we enjoyed a late supper in the cool night air.

Next morning, rather than walking up the hill to Main street, we took the dinghy down to Bridge street and then walked to chef Michael Hoy's for an outstanding brunch. Eggs Benedict on bap pastry, scrumptious quiche, and the best ever creme brulee.

The previous evening, we'd bumped into someone who was in town for the Music at Port Milford Chamber Music Festival. Their son had gone to the summer school for four weeks and there was to be a concert Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon at St. Mary Magdelaine Anglican church. We went to take in the show, and it was very well done. Madrigals, quartets, and orchestra music played by some very gifted kids, 14-18 years old. There was such a wonderful energy in the church, with the kids offering up their best and parents and grandparents revelling. Program included works by Dvorak, Mozart, Borodin, Barber, Haydn, Mendelssohn, 16th century madrigal, U2 and Coldplay. Such concentration and intensity on the young musicians faces.

Now back on the very hot boat, looking forward to the cool of an evening.

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