Monday, August 10, 2015

Motor Home

Murray Canal East Inlet
We are not tempting fate and keeping the jib furled until we can get it properly fixed in our home port. So far conditions haven't been right to sail by the main.

All this motoring is giving us a bit of a taste of what it would be like with a trawler, put-put-put-ting along. Definitely not the same flying feeling, but pleasant enough.

The scenery is great. As we go past the homes and cottages along the Bay of Quinte I wonder about all those freshly mown lawns and green green grass. Wouldn't wildflowers be prettier, and better for the pollinators? If I had a waterfront property I would want to sit on the dock and admire the view, not ride a mower. But then, the size of some of these lawns, the owners probably have landscapers do the tending. I just hope they forego the chemicals and are making peace with their "weeds".

Into the Murray Canal and on the lookout for turtles sunning themselves. Basking. They look so content, even when they are stacked on top of each other, forming amphibian inuksuks. Maybe it is a defense mechanism, a way to hide from predators.

Around the corner and along the shore to Cobourg. Skies darkening. Listening to the radio for the weather report, and advisories to avoid touching metal during thunderstorms. Checking radar. Oncoming clouds. Beat the rain to the dock this time!

Day 9 - Waupoos to Belleville / Meyers Pier (9.5 hours)
Day 10 - Belleville to Cobourg / Cobourg Marina (9.5 hours)

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