Sunday, August 9, 2015


Three nights in Waupoos, enjoying sunsets and staring up into the night sky through the marine glasses admiring the Milky Way. The night sky crystal clear and stars densely packed in a sparkling canopy. Shooting stars, lots of wishes.

Strolled the island for a look at the wildflowers, and to catch a glimpse of the flock of lamb. Went for a swim in the chilly waters.
Cannery Row

Drinks on deck and swapping stories in the cockpit on boats. Lots of Bluffers here - Caroline, Alex & Aldo, Mike & Kaarina, Don and Mai Liss, Laura and Peter.

When Kaarina arrived in her car Saturday morning we went into town for provisions. Vickie's Veggies was a roadside stand with fresh produce and heirloom tomatoes that could've made the cover of Bon Appetit. Vickie herself was in Toronto though, going every week to the Brickworks. I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I want a taste of Prince Edward County when I'm back in the city.
Yondering at anchor

Saturday night the Wapouzis made their debut.  Caroline, Laura and I played our ukes to a Sunshine medley that included "Sunshine on My Shoulder", "Look on the Sunnyside" and "You Are My Sunshine." Our audience wanted an encore but all we had was Smellycat. We'll definitely have to add more songs to our repertoire.

Waupoos - Days 6, 7, 8

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