Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cobourg - and on to Bluffers Park

Cobourg Marina
High winds from the south west made extending our shore time appealing, so we spent a full day in port at Cobourg. It's been awhile since we had breakfast at the Buttermilk, took a walk in the Butterfly Garden and down the Boardwalk on the beach, strollled along the Pier, and enjoyed the sunset view.

The forecast the next day was for strong north west winds slightly off the nose, so we thought we'd get while the getting was good. We headed out 7 a.m. on Wednesday morning, winds gusting to 23 knots. Hoisting the main meant we were able to travel about 6.5 knots. I snapped a photo of Rob in his winter woolly hat and foul weather gear.  August 12th?

Nine hours later, the welcome sight of the Scarborough Bluffs and the visitors' dock at BPYC. Hot enough once we were tied in our slip and out of the breeze to remove a few layers. It is summer, after all.

Race night! Lots of activity in the basin. This really is one of the prettiest ports in all of Lake Ontario.

We have another four days before heading back to work. Our vacation continues on home turf.

Scarborough Bluffs Basin
Day 11 - Cobourg
Day 12 - Cobourg to Bluffer's Park (9 hours)

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