Monday, June 23, 2014

Water gardens

First trip to Toronto Island, nicely timed for the Summer Solstice. Swinging on the hook & hanging out with the Night Herons. It seems our little spot is gaining in popularity - the second night there were 5 boats keeping us company.

The new dinghy was a great way to check out the water gardens. I'm surprised I never thought of the Island as a water garden before, but I did this trip. Iris and viburnum in bloom, and yellow water lilies poking up like periscopes. The cottonwoods were also blowing their fluff everywhere, and it floated through the air and danced on top of the lake like fairy dust.

Two nights, two days. Boat time sometimes seems to defy the regular counting of minutes and hours. We guess the time of day by how light is casting shadows. We eat when we're hungry, sleep and nap when we're tired. So deeply refreshing, just Being on the boat.

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