Thursday, June 26, 2014

June in bloom

I wait expectantly for some of these perennials, but this year the iris by the pond surprised me. I'd forgotten all about this one, and it unfolded so beautifully. (June 6)

Unfortunately my variegated miniature iris has disappeared entirely.

The poppies popped and their show was done by June 13, but I had the Beauty Bush to console me from the 12th to 25th. What a scent! I was worried it wouldn't survive the ice storm, but aside from a few bare branches it thrived this spring. The bees loved it.

White roses came the 23rd, and the pinks were greeting me on my doorstep by the 26th. Nelly Moser clematis had almost the same timing; although the ice blue has already been blooming for about two weeks.

The sage did not do well with all the ice and salt by the front steps, so I had to remove a large bush, and transplanted the purple cone flowers there. At least I think they are cone flowers, could be black-eyed Susans. Time will tell.

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