Monday, June 16, 2014

Commodore's Cruise

We finally got our jib rigged, we've been sailing with a makeshift handkerchief and waiting for 'Slow Joe' to finish our repair. I feel like the sailing season has finally begun!

Out to Port Credit on the Commodore's Cruise. In all these years of belonging to BPYC, this is our first. 

Very, very cold on Saturday. Rob was wearing two pair of pants and his heavy foul weather gear while I huddled under the bimini. Maureen and Dick sailed past, all bundled up on Squall. Thirteen boats went there and back.

Port Credit Yacht Club has ample space between docks, a swimming pool, and a great restaurant. Bluffers gathered in front of the main club building by the barbecues late Saturday afternoon, bringing so much food there really wasn't a need to cook dinner later. We all got a bottle of Beringers to commemorate the event.

Strong winds blew us to our destination on Saturday, when we reached a speed as high as 6.8 knots. A couple of gusts gave us good knocks and sudden heels.  Coming home Sunday, by going out a distance, we managed to catch a breeze for a more leisurely sail. I'm already looking forward to next weekend and hopefully, our first trip to the Island.

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Dick Grannan said...

It sure was cold on Saturday but the group gathering later in the day and the beautiful, but gentle sail home made it all worth while. Nice looking boat in the picture!