Sunday, March 16, 2014

Foodie Feast

The Foodies got together for a final fling before spring, enjoying the view from High in the Sky, martinis by the fire and the moon almost-full.

Canadian was the theme and it was over-the-top delicious. The wines were amazing, and testament that we've come a long way as a nation of vintners.

First course, scrumptious mussels. Served with VQA Beamsville Bench or Mission Hill Reserve Chardonnays.

Next, Caroline's poutine. A masterwork. She broke out the mandolin for perfectly shaped frites that were baked to perfection and topped with a gravy that took two days to prepare, before it was generously ladled over your choice of squeaky cheese curds, Italian pecorino with truffles, or Tazmanian blue.  I couldn't pick just one, all three were distinct tastes and absolutely decadent. Wines of choice: Sandbanks Baco Noir or Strewn's Two Vines Riesling-Gawurtztraminer.

The main attraction was beef tenderloin from Calgary, which Dick and Maureen prepared with roasted figs and dates that I first mistook for caramelized onion until they melted in my mouth.The wine was a perfect pairing, with tasting notes that promised a match for big flavours like beef, carmelized onions and blue cheese. Lakeview Cellars, Niagara Peninsula, Cabernet Merlot Reserve.

I brought the cheese course, of course. Any excuse to try something new. I chose a trio from Quebec: Raw Milk Cheddar aged 5 years, tasting more like 8; Grey Owl creamy goat covered with vegetable ash; and a mild ermite blue. Served with a simple, freshly baked baguette.

Dessert followed with Dufflet tarts: a blueberry custard, apple crumble, maple meringue and a nanaimo bar that I  served paired with Cabernet Franc ice wine from Peller Estates. Sweet dreams indeed.

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