Monday, March 17, 2014


I have enjoyed winter this year. Lots of clean, white snow. The sound of it crunching underfoot. Bundling up for the cold temperatures. Enjoying the snowy views through the windows and feeling cozy inside my warm house. This morning the temperature outside my door is -10C, and 15+ cm of new snow fell on Toronto this past week.

Canada Blooms was a welcome contrast.

Saturday morning, Rob and I took the early morning tour of the gardens to avoid the crowds. The theme this year: Wild! One of my favourite garden displays was a huge stone table placed next to a waterfall, with a trickle of a stream cascading onto the table and splashing into a pool beneath. The table set with moss and candles, and everything green, so-green. Another garden had an elephant splashing in a pool. Another was an Irish cottage with stone sheep grazing in the yard. A paper mache elephant cavorting under a flower carousel, colourful birdhouses, blossom bikinis, and the wonder of spring just around the corner.

Got some great garden advice at the Learning Stage, from Dugold Cameron of Garden Imports. Every year I dig up my bulbs and overwinter them in paper bags, but come spring I'm often late replanting. His approach is just to put bulbs in pots, haul them inside in the fall and bring them out in the sunny weather. I picked up some begonias and oxalis for the purpose and am especially looking forward to see how this Sunrise Fragrant Scentiment Begonia cascades from its pot. Not many begonia can boast a fragrance, so I didn't mind splurging a bit for the privilege. Here's hoping to years of low maintenance enjoyment.

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