Sunday, March 16, 2014

Full Crow Moon - March

Call this the full crow moon or the full worm moon, but whatever you call it, in four days we will enjoy our first day of spring!

Eggshells with bright yellow yolks inside suddenly remind me of moons followed by the morning sun, and winters followed by spring. Something is one thing, becoming another.

The moon is officially full March 16 at 6 pm, but I've been enjoying its fullness in the sky for the past few days.

Friday night at BPYC it was casting it's glow on sheets of ice bumping against the shore and giving a ghostly glow to the Trumpeters bobbing the water. I didn't mind standing in the cold to admire the view. Saturday night we had an unobstructed view from High in the Sky, enjoying a Foodie feast. And Sunday morning at 3 a.m. it was beaming on my sleeping eyes through the skylight, waking me up to admire the fact that it looked perched on the bare branches of the maple.

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