Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sadhana III - Best Practises

Almost a year ago, I started my first sadhana, and I was hooked. The next session was the April, 2013. There are only two each year, Autumn and Spring. I didn't hesitate to sign up for my third, which started this past Monday.

Thirty days straight, with a studio call for 6 a.m.  Marlene designs each sadhana as if it were one class spread over 30 days, with one day's teachings building on the next. She also mentioned this is her 64th consecutive sadhana, and noted that a couple people in the room were probably on their 54th.

After three sadhana, I am still the newbie in the group.

My intention this session is to explore the idea of Best Practises. Not only the physical dimension

Iyengar recently said,  “Asanas are to interpenetrate, not as physical exercise. Have I touched my mind? Have I touched my intelligence? Have I touched my ego? Have I touched my self? This is Sadhana... So that is why I go deep, and that is why I enjoy it” Andy Richter_The Blog

Yes, it is fun to 'improve' in the postures, but that's definitely not the only thing happening. There is great energy in the room, definite concentration. It would be great to take a thermal camera into one of these classes. I'll have to ask Brenda the yogi-photographer if she has ever considered it... it would be fabulous to see a series done well...  Energy in play.

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