Sunday, October 27, 2013

All Is Lost

2 points of view after watching
Wonder if we were actually at the same film?

So unrealistic.
Redford must have a horse ranch.
What's that guy doing solo sailing and being so unprepared?
First thing he should have done was plug that damn hole.
Why is he constantly putting up and taking down the boards in the companionway?
Where's his life jacket?
Gravity was way better.

Redford must have a sailboat, he seems to know how to handle the lines.
He sure looks fit.
Bet he gets a Best Actor nomination.
Well prepared for a solo sail - has all the right gear.
Good thinking to drop the sails.
Great repair job on the hull.
Good story - held my attention all the way through!
This is way better than Gravity.

.... Anyway, I'm definitely glad we saw this after the boat is 'on the hard'.
Here's hoping we never get struck by a shipping container in the middle of the lake!


Annika said...

That's too funny. Now, I am curious about this movie..

Kurt said...

I want to see it! I loved Gravity.