Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall back

Sunny but cool today. We gained an hour and turned the clocks back.

Frost in the morning was a reminder to tend the autumn garden and do some raking, weeding, planting and emptying containers for the coming winter.

Surprised and delighted that the nasturtium are hanging in this late in the season, but the petals are definitely drooping. Toad lily is still looking perky. A late pink rose looks a bit incongruous against the autumn-gold hydrangea.

I dug in some bulbs: juanita daffoldils in the front and back gardens, magic star double lily beside the tree peony, crocus here and there, and some big blue aliums nestled in with the Solomon Seal.

Juanita Daffodils tucked away until next Spring
In between planting the front and back gardens, I left the box of bulbs on the back steps and came inside for a late lunch. While I was looking out the rear window, I saw a squirrel run by with a bulb in its fat cheeks, taking the opportunity to grab its own quick snack.

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