Saturday, August 10, 2013

Homeward Bound

That's the thing about most sailing holidays. You have to think about making your way "back." We contemplated leaving our boat at Waupoos and visiting weekends. One drawback would be that it wouldn't be at the club during the week for an after work sail. Maybe next year?

As it was, we were in for a long haul back. It would take at least 30 hours to cover the distance between Waupoos and Toronto, and we'd need to do it over 4 days. We hoped for good weather and fair winds. Nothing straight west, please, preferably south, and 10 knots.

Sitting on a dock in Cobourg on Saturday morning, after sailing 22 of those hours, I can report a ratio of 22:1 ideal sailing conditions. As in, one ideal hour, 21 not-so-great hours. But nothing compares to a fair wind,  the waves a meter or so, and the skies a clear blue. That one blissful hour makes up for the remaining 21, when you are either motoring in no wind or being tossed about the deck in strong wind and waves.

Thursday: We left Waupoos after a swimming a few laps around the boat, and once we anchored in Sandy Bay, finished the day’s sail with another swim. Between dips, it was 9 hours. Although we did manage to get in a bit of wing-on-wing through Long Reach, it was mainly motoring. We traveled alongside Mike on Sun Glimmer and ate dinner together on deck before the bugs drove us into separate cabins. I keep searching the night sky but still nothing compares to that night in Hay Bay, watching meteor’s tails leave golden dust in the sky.

Friday: We were 13 hours on the water and met a full range of conditions. No wind at all to 20 knot westerly winds.

The first 6 hours no wind, we caught Internet signal again! I took advantage in the cabin and blogged and sifted through pictures for a few hours while we motored  in a light drizzle.  This is actually only the second time since we got a boat that I’ve stayed below deck when we’re underway – the first time I got terribly sea sick and I’ve avoided it ever since. When we got to the Murray I did weed duty so as to avoid another incident where someone had to dive to get the weeds off the prop.

Then came the one ideal hour. Perfect. Puffed up sails, marking good speed of 6 knots, a genteel heel. Wind and sun in your face. Invigorating to stand on deck and take in the view.

After that, things got a bit rough. The south-west wind became west and picked up speed, frothing the waves. The boat slamming into 2 meter waves, coming very close together. Not a comfy ride. That was the next 6 hours. Fun at first, but then the boat's progress slows and you feel you'll never make it to your destination and you hope the motor holds up and it gets a bit less bumpy when you have to drop the main.

Arrived, got a slip, and slept a very good deep sleep.

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Annika said...

Your trip sounds like our past ones; blissful sailing some days and then the "not so nice" journeys of fighting the wind and waves. We always seem to be fighting time, when we're cruising. Last year; I said I wanted a break from sailing holidays and now: I miss it. How quickly we forget.

We've also toyed with the idea of leaving the boat in Waupoos. Maybe we should get together and rent a dock for the summer and split our time.. Have a safe journey back to BPYC.