Sunday, August 11, 2013

Swing Time

Saturday morning, Rob and I met up with fellow Bluffers Bob and Margaret, and headed to the Buttermilk Cafe for breakfast. After indulging in Eggs Benedict, I picked up some fresh veggies and sausage at the Farmers Market.

By noon we were at anchor in front of the Cobourg Yacht Club. I have to find some slang that conjures the right feeling of being at anchor for me.... "swinging on a hook" sounds violent and "gunk-holing" sounds stinky. I think I'll use "swing time," sounds like a holiday, breezy, a dance, a childhood flight in the playground. Perfect.

We spent the day watching other boats come and go through to the marina and wall. Some, like us, dropped their chains and just stayed for awhile. We read and lolled around on deck, and Rob rowed the dinghy ashore and to pick up some chicken wings for dinner. Sun set. Stars rose. The moon hung a crescent in the sky.

This holiday we spent 6 days at anchor and 4 in slips. I loved it! Not only are the neighbours a lot less close, it's more economical without the dock fees, and the views are a whole lot prettier.

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