Friday, August 9, 2013


A few months ago I flew past this coastline in a matter of minutes. Monday we sailed 8:30 to 3:30, moving at a much slower pace.

Tacking at 6 knots per hour at a heel of 20 degrees, one of the winches flew over the side, winking at us from the water. Unfortunately we lost sight of it when we turned the boat around to scoop it up with a net. Hopefully another sailor will glance the bright yellow handle and salvage the treasure. That leaves us with two (non-floating) winches on board.
We anchor among 20 boats just off Waupoos Island, and stay for three nights.

Many are flying the BPYC burgee, and we spend time with Commodore Mike B; Kaarina and Mike P; Bob C; and Caroline, Dick and Maureen.

Great eats! Our first night, Kaarina brought some treats: Prince Edward County artisinal cheeses and a Waupoos winery merlot.  The second evening Kaarina and Mike hosted a boat party and Caro brought pizza – the first pizza I’ve ever eaten on a boat, made on a boat. It was absolutely delicious and made me wish for an onboard oven of my own.

Swimming in the cool, clean water was refreshing. Every day we took the plunge. The water felt extremely soft.

One day we even managed to make it to shore. A trip to use the showers, do some yoga, pick up some ice, buy some artisan cheese at the Blue Moose cafe.
In the evenings, the sky was bursting with stars. I kept peering up, hoping to see a Perseid meteor streak by. There were a few distant travelers but no stardust tails. Monday night, we watched unexpected fireworks over the water, lit from shore. Wednesday night there was a severe thunderstorm in the distance, over Belleville. Sheet lightning and lightning bolts erupting less than 5 seconds apart for well over an hour. I watched on deck, midnight approaching, dozing off between the thunder claps.

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