Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Up in the Air

Traveled to Ottawa and back today so I could meet face-to-face with someone I usually meet on the phone. We spent five hours discussing the project we have underway and getting more in touch with some of the pressing issues. The outcome could likely be summarized in a few bullet points, but it was definitely time well spent. As a result of the time invested I think we'll both be able to be a bit more candid in the future.

The commute there and back was longer than the meeting, but the flight was enjoyable.

Best of all was the view out the window.  We flew over favourite sailing grounds: Cobourg, Trenton, Kingston, Waupoos. I felt almost homesick for our boat and the easy summer living. Yondering goes in the water this weekend, but with the chill in the air lately we likely won't be doing much overnight sailing, at least for a couple of weeks.

When the little plane was taking off, I put my magazine down so I could give take off my full attention, remembering how when Alex when he was young he was truly furious about people who kept their noses buried in books and magazines. Especially if they had a premium view by the window!

I also flew Porter for the first time... and it's about time, because they've been in operation for years. There is some recent controversy because they want to expand the runway, something boaters and residents oppose. Right now Billy Bishop Airport seems just the right size... any bigger would mean more bodies crammed into a tight space... making everyone a lot less comfortable.  It was a great experience: parking close at hand,  a complementary coffee Americano in the morning and an Ontario cabernet sauvignon on the flight home. Altogether civilized, compared to the usual rush hour squish.

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