Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Race is a fairly new play written by David Mamet that first premiered in 2009. It's being promoted heavily here in Toronto, mostly in posters with Jason Priestly featured predominantly and Nigel Shawn Williams in the background.

Set in a legal office, the entire play has its 4 characters challenge how race will influence the case of a rich white man charged with raping a black woman. The accused has chosen this particular firm because one of the lawyers is black and one is white.  A pivotal character is a black woman, who in the beginning doesn't say anything, which had me wondering if she was just a spectre to represent the victim. As the plot unfolds, she turns out to be a lawyer. With the final twist, the audience is left wondering whether she planted evidence that will result in their client being found guilty.

Cara Ricket's character doesn't even appear in most of the ads but to me she has the most interesting and complex role, as well as the best overall performance.

Rob and I went with Mike and Kaarina last Thursday night, and despite needing to get up bright and early the next morning (me for sadhana, Mike to be at the office by 6 am), we still went out afterward to share some thoughts before they went stale.

Here's an unattributed collage "It's about guilt." "The writing was incredible." "Did he or didn't he actually do it?" "Did she or didn't she actually do it?" "Incredibly complex." "Better than the last Can Stage." "Definitely worth seeing." "Great set." "Modern sensibilities." "Priestly was great." "Priestly didn't have much presence." "Starts with a slam on the table and keeps on hitting." "Intense."

The curtain call didn't last long. To me it seemed the actors came out to less than three minutes applause, just enough to see the four of them on and off the stage politely. I think the clapping may have even stopped before the cast had made their final exit.

Cara Rickettts

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