Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Sadhana

When I got home from my vacation, I joined the Spring Sadhana that was already in progress. I leaped in on Day 11; it is now Day 22 and there are 8 days left.

I'm feeling pretty worn out right now, because in addition to getting up to be at the studio by 6 a.m. each morning, I also signed up for a weekend workshop that finished a few hours ago.

Nadia asked me how the intensive was going, and I answered honestly that "it was intense."

I'm definitely making progress with some physical limitations in poses, which is encouraging and discouraging at the same time.  Encouraging to know that progress can still be made; discouraging to know I have so much further to go.

Marlene said something that stuck with me today... whether you believe in reincarnation or not, it is possible to have different lifetimes in the same life. That's something to contemplate.

technical notes
(I know this won't make sense to anyone but me)
- chair sarvangasana, on folded blankets, with arms inside chair legs and then wrapping through outside, palms facing shoulders, upper arms pressing firmly down on blankets
- stretch feet by sitting in virasana, ankles bound loosely, resting sitting bones on heels with toes bent forward; then with the top of the foot on the floor
- supta virasana is very beneficial to the heart and the supported version is often used with cardiac patients 

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