Thursday, November 8, 2012

... Unplugged

Came home to make dinner tonight and the stove was gone.... the new appliances have been delivered but the oven/cooktop won't be functional for about a month. The stove is in the dining room, unplugged.

The fridge was delivered, too, but the door opens to the wrong side, despite our specific request.  An irritant, for sure, as we've been asked to deal with the manufacturer to correct the problem.  Also inconvenient was the request to pay by certified check or money order, instead of by credit card.  Odd in this day and age I think (plus I could use the air miles!). Tasco said it was the deal we'd negotiated, a 'cash price' with a slim margin.  Hmmm, hope they're not going out of business or something.

While I wait for the kitchen's future state I'll put the owner's manuals for the new appliances on my bedside table.

I estimate it will be about a month of dinnertime improv.  Hopefully the reno will be complete for the holidays.  In the meantime I'm secretly looking forward to the disruption in routine for a couple of weeks.

The hot plate from the boat has been installed in the transition-kitchen. I will reframe the ensuing chaos by thinking of it as an opportunity to bring the same sort of sailing-ease into the upside-down-ness of this current state.  Mealtime menus of stir fries, omelettes,  the occasional barbecue, pancakes, soups and subs, cheese plates, going down to the club to use the oven.  Who knows, maybe friends that take pity on us and invite us for a civilized meal.  It's also an opportunity to check out some local restaurants.  

I will think of this as a culinary challenge. 

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Carô said...

Has your hot plate produced new boat recipes? Hope you share!