Sunday, November 4, 2012

November garden chores

Most of the maple's leaves in the back have blown away, but there is still some foliage waiting to turn colour, including the smoke bush and hostas by the pond.

This afternoon it was cool enough for gloves, but warm enough to go without a heavy coat.  Nice sunshine.  Lovely day to garden.

I dug up my orchid lilies, emptied some pots with annuals, and planted bulbs:  
  • Blueberry cream tulips to welcome Henry in the back garden,
  • Giant daffodils under the study window (20 or so)
  • 'Forever spring tulip collection' under the living room window, with blooms from early to late spring (someone had fun naming these, "Life's a Caberet, 'All that Jazz', 'Hot Honey', 'Light and Dreamy') 
  • Evergreen garden got a nice variety, with crocus, bluebells, windflowers, and angelique tulips)
I was working in the front yard planting bulbs when 'my' Jehovah's drove up to the house.  I'm not sure they see anyone else so regularly on the street. It's been 2 or 3 years that they've made a point of stopping by for a personal visit.  I admire their persistence. I keep meaning to ask the one if she has thought about a career in sales, she would be absolutely fantastic.  Today we talked about gardening, the US election, and life everlasting. Last Sunday I met some very persistent Hare Krishnas.  I couldn't help but wonder if these two groups would get along, if they could agree to disagree, or if they would find some common ground.

orange monarch snow crocus
very early spring flower
Grecian windflower
early to mid spring flower
mid to late spring

English bluebells
late spring

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