Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sadhana II

11 days into the 30 day sadhana.  I like the notation for 11.  Two straight, strong parallel lines.  The same upside down, the same backwards and forwards.

We did arm balances yesterday and again this morning, my arms becoming an 11.

Strong inversions are something I don't work into my regular home practice because it seems too demanding first thing in the morning.  Fun, though, and mood elevating.  Very rejuvenating.

Eleven days in, I am feeling stiffness in new areas, and hopeful this is because parts of me are waking up and not because I'm doing things incorrectly.  Definitely gaining new awareness, and starting to access my 'difficult' areas, especially upper back and right shoulder.

When you come into the studio, there is a sheet for you to place a mark beside your name to indicate attendance.  That simple action is taking on significance for me as evidence of time passing.  A simple scratch on a page representing 90 minutes of instruction.  A wavy 4 inch horizontal line.  Today I put a little happy face in there instead of a check or an X.  I think tomorrow I'll draw a little flower or a stick man or a circle.

On the first day I thought about completing the full sadhana as an accomplishment, as the end goal.  Now I am feeling ambivalent about the passing of the thirty days.  As much as I am looking forward to sleeping in, I don't want to rush through to the finish line.  It really is about making the most of each day as it comes.

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Carô said...

I admire your discipline! BUT, not as much as I admire your ability to put your thoughts into words!

BTW, I'm blogging again! I've missed it and I've missed reading you!



PS: Can't wait to see your kitchen reno...