Thursday, August 25, 2011

Floods, Earthquakes, Tornadoes...

Sunday night started with a flood in the basement.  Alex and Penny mopped up, but still, 2 of the 3 rugs in the basement were destroyed.  Possibly the third, we're trying to restore it.

Tuesday there was an earthquake. 5.5.  I was in a training course, on the 8th floor, and we could feel - and see - everything swaying.  The facilitator just carried on as though nothing was happening.  My table-mates and I looked at each other.  Did you feel that?  Did the earth just move for you?  Nervous laughter.

Then the powerful lightning storm and official Tornado Watch on Wednesday night.  The light show was incredible, with strikes so frequent they looked like strobe lights.  Rob and I watched the light show through the skylights.  According to the news this morning, the CN Tower was struck multiple times, and the lightning was striking a thousand times in a single hour. 

That's three.  We're done, right?  I'm pouring myself a cuppa and hoping for calmer days ahead.

pretty blue cornflowers

David's Tea:  "Mother's Little Helper"

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Giulia said...

It might be over for you. But we're about to add a hurricane (including flash floods & storm surge) to the list down here. Fume.