Saturday, September 3, 2011

... and a fine summer it was...

The first autumn leaf has fallen in my backyard.  It is just a tiny little thing, less than an inch, but bursting red.   And it is already September 3!

This was an amazing summer.  I was able to take almost the entire month of July as a holiday and for awhile it almost did feel that the days were moving as slow as syrup. 

Henry and Josephine
Versailles clematis

Nelly Moser clematis
astilbe, iris, Japanese fern

Margaret's lily

image of maple leaf is from Getty Images


Giulia said...

Glad you had a good summer. I can't say the same but not ready for everything to move on . Like I have a choice:) A friend agreed w/me the other day as we were walking felt like we were inside for months. So hellishly hot. And now: it's nearly over. I'm sick of saying,"Maybe next summer will be better." Have to figure out how to change it for at least a couple of weeks.

Carô said...

I have seen red maple leaves floating among the islands of the St Lawrence and thoughts of fall crept in my mind. Just yesterday I was floating on my recreational floating device between Endymion and No Name island and thought pppfff, summer is still kickin'! These islands are gems. Making my way back after this weekend. Have a great trip to Tuscany!