Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I've lost about 7 pounds in the last month!

That is, if my scale is to be trusted.  This morning I noticed that depending where exactly on the bathroom floor I place the scale, it can make a difference of a pound or two.  Of course, I'm going with the lighter verdict.

I've joined WeightWatchers; the online version.  I'm not going to meetings (they just don't appeal to me).  But using the online tools to track my progress and intake is useful, it's made me more aware of the amount and quality of foods I put in my mouth.  I stay within the guidelines overall, but that is also because I don't deprive myself of what I'm craving.  Like sampling from some of my most favourite foodgroups - cheese and wine.

Probably the most variety in type of foods in my "favourites" list is cheese:  blue, cheddar, spanish, monteray, feta, parmesan, cottage...  At one point I tried the low-cal stuff but it was so disappointing I figured, why bother?  Better intense flavours in small bites than a fistful of something that tastes like plastic.

I thought I'd lose a pound or two for my heart health, but a recent study released from York U challenges the assumption.  Obese people who are otherwise healthy live just as long as their counterparts; and in fact, have a lower level of cardiovascular disease.  Maybe the study would be better to measure the percentages for the overall health of obese people vs. the overall health of people with a "healthy" BMI? 

Regardless, I'm staying on track with the lifestyle changes for awhile.

And no, I am NOT dieting in Tuscany! 


Annika said...

Congratulations... It's nice when the scale is cooperating.. Good for you!

Susan said...

Congratulations. I love WW...including the meetings. It really does work. xo