Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Movie Time

Strong characters and the interactions between them make for great cinema this season. 
King's Speech:  Colin Firth perfectly re-enacts the 'original' King's Speech... breath for breath.  His empathetic portrayal of the king definitely makes him a contender for Best Actor at this year's Oscars.  Geoffrey Rush deserves the nomination, too.  Hard to say which is the stronger performance, because the two of them played off one another so well.  Great chemistry.  My favourite bromance!

Black Swan:  Intense thriller.  I left the theatre with knots still tangled in my stomach.  High suspense, gorgeous to look at, entirely spellbinding.  Young Natalie Portman must have practised en pointe for hours and hours,  dreaming of a career as a prima ballerina before becoming an actress.  Intriguing glimpses into the ballet world.  Alex and I saw this one together and had a great conversation after about the depth of Nina's delusion.

True Grit:  The Coen brothers' version casts Hailee Steinfeld's Matti in almost every scene.  She is the fulcrum of light that exposes the essence of each characters' traits.  Her idealism and steely innocence are the perfect contrast to Bridges' old and hardened US Marshall and Damon's patriotic Texas Ranger.  The original won John Wayne an Oscar, this version should win the leading lady a nomination.

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