Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Feasting in the darkest of winter days brings comfort... and joy when you can celebrate with family. 

Such abundance.  I have been a busy hostess this year, with Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day dinners.  Menus planned weeks in advance.  So far, so very, very good.

Christmas Eve - Hotpot and sushi with Rob, Alex and Marian.

Brunch - Smoked salmon, bacon-wrapped scallops, bagels & cream cheese, fresh fruit.

Christmas Day Dinner - Close to mahem as ten of us crammed around the table.  Rob, Alex, Penny, my mom, Rob's Mom, Dave, Therese. Leo, Emma and me. First course of champagne & opening crackers, a salad course, Crown Rib Roast with apple and pancetta stuffing, sweet potato and cranberry, roasted vegetable.  Dessert cheese cakes, chocolate tarts, truffles and liqueurs.

..... The feasting and festivities continue.  Today,  for Boxing Day, Rob's brother Gord and his wife Linda are coming.  On the menu: planked salmon, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, new potatoes.

Fasting to follow.


Nicki BH said...

This holiday should be renamed winter food fest.Six weeks of fasting required before and after.
Sounds yummy.
Today's menu consists of Caesar salad, roast beef, mashed potatoes etc etc

Neil and Susan Brown said...

Your place sounds like the place to be this year. Everything you have cooked sounds delicious. I hope someone cooks you a lovely dinner for New Years! Happy holidays!! Susan & Neil :)