Friday, April 23, 2010

Cherry Blossom Flower Viewing


So glad that Rob and I decided to stop off at High Park on our way into work today to view the cherry blossoms.  It's on the other side of the city so not really 'on the way' but the detour was an intoxicating start to the day.

Pink clouds.  It's a wonder the trees aren't floating up and into the sky.  If I held a cherry blossom in either hand maybe I could fly.

Sakura Hanami, what a wonderful tradition to honour spring.

The cherry blossoms don't come every year, and this year's show has been talked about so much we just had to see first-hand.  With the threat of rain for the weekend ahead, it didn't make sense to wait.  I'm glad went for it!  Not many souls around to share the view, and those that were, were busy taking photos.  Me too.  But I also turned off the camera and tried to inhale the moment - such a perfect, perfect moment.


Giulia said...

Lovely. I'm in DC & our cherry blossoms arrive every year (also all 'round the metro area)...I'm puzzled. Do they bloom on a different schedule (as in a different type) or is the weather? Whatever it is, I'm so glad you put down the camera after a moment so you could see them without hindrance:)

Giulia said...

Well, I should've gone to the link before leaving the above comment. Got it. All the more special, then.