Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Book of Awesome

Visited this blog for the first time today -
1000 Awesome Things - after reading an ad in the paper about The Book of Awesome.

I really love the spirit, humour and wonderment.  The simple pleasures in simple pleasures.

The top 1000 includes fundamentals like:

May 11 there is a book party planned at Indigo - I plan on being there if I can squeeze in... as of today there are already 97 on the 'yes' evite, so I hope the bookstore will be able to handle the crowd.

The blogger-author is a fellow Torontonian, and another of my favourite blogger-authors Gretchen Rubin has endorsed the book.




Giulia said...

Hello, my dear. I wrote you a reply & was going to send it in email but don't see one for you. Anyway, I love Anthem, too. I also included a link of LC's life performance (2009) in London....just in case you might need it.


Giulia said...

Diane. I will do a post on it, but after listening to Anthem a few times tonight, I decided to use two lines in my header...I'm tired of "permanently under construction" for bricolage...which is true. Because things haven't gone the way I'd hoped. So, tonight when you made that comment, it sparked something in me. I want to give you full credit because it's kind of a big deal to me (though to no one else, I assure you). But I'll have to post on that next week....thanks. More than you know.