Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sandbanks Provincial Park (Day 14)

Rob and I were big campers for years and we especially loved camping wherever there were beaches - Long Point, the Pinery and a few times here at Sandbanks Provincial Park. I can spend hours on the beach, staring out into the water and blue horizon. Jumping into the water when it gets too hot.

What a treat it is to be bobbing here and gazing in toward the shore, enjoying this inverted perspective. The breeze is keeping us cool.

I wish Alex were here with us, he'd love it as much as we are loving it!

Conditions are not always favourable for anchoring here but we are optimistic the winds will stay light so we will extend our stay overnight.

No other sailboats joined us at anchor, but we did have a kayaker paddle by to warn us that when he anchored a few years back he was dragged almost into shore by a strong wind. We also had two young male, adventurous swimmers kick out to the boat wearing fins - when they got close enough to see a middle-aged couple on board they promptly turned around and said something about "giving it the old college try."

At night there was a military exercise, planes dropping flares in the distance. Very eerie.

When we woke up in the morning the wind had shifted the boat but the anchor stayed firm.

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