Thursday, August 13, 2009

Calf Pasture (Day 13)

To Hay Bay or Sandy Point or Belleville or Collin's Bay? At one point we even thought we might get all the way to Sandbanks, but we ended up tossing the anchor into Calf Pasture, just across from the Brighton store. That's the thing about cruising, you don't need to be tied to a travel itinerary. And if you have one, it better be flexible because the weather doesn't always cooperate!

Flat and windless again today, but sunny, and lots of sights to look at as we motored through Telegraph Narrows, Deseronto and the Bay of Quinte. There is one point, around Belleville, where there are these massive waterfront homes with huge lawns, all nicely mowed and manicured. There doesn't seem to be a love of environmental gardening or adherence to pesticide bans. Later on the shore there is an old cemetary that seems to be accessible by dock.

Problems at the Murray Canal had us rafted to a 38' "Cat with No Name" from Oakville. I had visions of being stalled overnight while maintenance fixed the bridge, but we were only delayed long enough to raft up. As soon as the lines were in place they called from the bridge to let us know we were "good to go".

Couldn't get diesel, water or pump-out in Brighton but enough was enough and we decided to stop for the day and anchor. Thunderclouds had been chasing us down the lake since Belleville and seemed to be getting closer.

Had a swim off the boat but it was a bit weedy - I have to admit I don't like the feel of the weeds against my limbs. It makes me feel fish are probably close at hand. Don't they bite off toes when they get big enough?

Sunset tonight was silver and pewter, with the sun shining from a break in the clouds above, outlining the tops of the clouds with golden edges.

After dark we laid flat on our backs on the upper deck to watch the meteor showers. Although the shooting stars didn't seem to be very frequent I still spotted 3 that had flaming comet tails.

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