Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fall Sadhana 2016

I was having trouble getting up at 6am let alone 5am, so was ambivalent about going to the sadhana this season. Yes I should.

These days when I preface anything with 'should' I challenge it all the more. 'Should' according to who? Why? Even if the should is good it isn't a reason by itself. Automatic pilot isn't the way to go through life.

I'm going because. Be cause. Be. Cause.


This has turned out to be the most crowded sadhana since I started going five years ago. Lots of new faces, new practitioners, and some just new to Iyengar yoga. It means less intense focus from the instructor, less hands-on correction, and a demand for more self awareness. It also means getting there early enough to get a parking spot.


Neron has been subbing for Marlene this last week. One morning he was talking about doing something only for the fruit, or end result, and how disappointing that can be. Like planting a seed for a tree and then going to check every few hours to see the sprout; then once the sprout comes demanding the tree produce fruit. Sometimes the fruit doesn't come for a generation. Does that mean it wasn't worth it to me to plant the seed?


Yoga in the west has often come to be simply a new way to exercise. The postures are definitely good for the body, but also my mind seems more clear, my spirit more generous when I undertake these thirty day challenges. In the beginning I am often impatient for the fruit, and then when I stop checking constantly, it finds me.

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