Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I'm not sure how SiSi the Second ended up tucked away in the closet with my yoga gear, but when I saw him again I knew he deserved a sunnier spot.

So now he rests on the day bed in our new music room/play room.

The room is nicely taking shape, being filled with ukuleles, sheet music, a tv & speakers, watercolours. During the day the light pours through the skylight and another window with northern exposure. It's Alex's old room.

Which is why SiSi fits perfectly.

Alex gave me this bear as a present about 15 years ago, after hearing me lament about throwing out SiSi the First koala when I was a teenager, because after all I had outgrown such silly things, and was now far too mature to hang on to an old stuffed thing that was missing an ear and half of its fur and starting to unravel.

SiSi the Second was such a thoughtful gift at the time, and doubly special now, in my empty nest. A beautiful boy wishing his mother happiness and childhood wonder. And wishes come true, in the fullness of time.

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