Monday, November 2, 2015

Art Brewing

Collective Arts Brewing is a craft brewery located in nearby Hamilton.  Tasty beer, yes, but what is even more interesting to me is that they support and promote a variety of artists, musicians and filmmakers on their labels.  Every bottle has a different work of art. Downloading the free Blippar app enables you to point your camera phone at the label (or coaster) to learn more about the artist, hear a song, or see a short film. Great use of social media and a fabulous conversation starter. Artists submit their works through the website and are paid if the company uses their work, and at the same time keep their original copyright.

I was introduced to the brewery through Frank at the AGO, when they featured a beer tasting and pairing with English food in honour of the Turner exhibit. Each course incorporated the beer in the food preparation, so the pairings really couldn't miss. The Porter was delicious, but so were the Blonde, Pale Ale and IPA. The small sample glasses offered the perfect volume, because the beer itself was quite filling. Smallish portions, but by the end of the meal we were quite satisfied. The LCBO stocks the different ales in 6-packs at select locations.


cornish pastrie minis and piccallilli

(tasted citrusy with hints of lichee)
Saint of Circumstance "Anytime Blonde" Blonde Ale 4.7%
pilot coffee duck confit, scotch egg, pickled current, smoked tomato

Rhyme and Reason Pale Ale 5.7% 
(Rate Beer gave this a 97; Beer Advocate an 88)
wild mushroom, carrot gastrique, roasted chestnuts, butter lettuce and rocket

Stranger than Fiction Porter 5.5%
(notes of coffee & chocolate)
bavette, brussels sprouts, truffled turnip puree

State of Mind Session IPA 4.4%
IPA mulled autumn fruit, mascarpone ice cream, paine d'epices, cinnamon IPA crema

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