Friday, October 30, 2015


Finally! A chance to try a recipe I've been dreaming of since August.  We've been invited to a wine tasting on Halloween, and I'm bringing the appetizer: Camembert de Normandie marinaded with Calvados, with apples on the side.

When I went to pick up the appellation cheese at the St. Lawrence Market, I couldn't resist sampling a few more. The person offered up something called Blue 1061 and told me there were only 6 rounds, it was going fast. Blue cheese soaked in red wine, with the red grapes softened in the rind. Incredible! It reminded me of testun barolo (the Italian cheese soaked in barolo and encrusted with nebbiolo grapes). But soft blue cheese? I meant to bring some along to share with friends but I'm not sure I will have any left. Sweet, salty, tangy, creamy and such a nice aftertaste. What a combo. When I get a craving for this, I'm not so sure I will be able to satisfy it because google is yielding no sources. The photo doesn't make it look appetizing, I know.

I will walk into cheese emporiums and beg for Blue 1061, only to get blank stares. No one will know what I am talking about or where to get it, and it will become the best cheese I ever had in my life, because I can't get it again. I will be in a bar somewhere, talking about Blue 1061, and the special afternoon we once shared together.

Also picked up some pecorino tartufo and heliodoro rosemary spanish sheep's milk.  They're pretty good too, but they're not Blue 1061.

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