Friday, July 17, 2015

Yoga in the Heart of the City - 2015

This is the sixth year I've participated in Yoga in the Heart of the City, the first being 2010.  I love the concept of a retreat within the city, and the time to take full mornings to breathe, stretch, strengthen and balance. One hour pranayama, 2 hours asana, and by the end of the week a sense of elation and rejuvenation.

I'm so glad I took the full week's holiday, versus the last two years when I followed the mornings with a full shift at work. Free afternoons left time to explore and savour some of my favourite activities with heightened awareness. Finding the 'yoga' in a ukulele lesson, a tasty meal, my back garden.

The last day of the intensive was restorative, and for lunch afterward I went for a bowl of Pho, one of the tastiest and most satisfying chicken noodle soups I've ever enjoyed. Then a massage followed by a nice hot bath at home. Ahhhhhhh. Or should I say, Aum.


Reminders for future Practise

  • Some days these come easier than others, but it is worthwhile to consciously choose to practise these attitudes rather than wait for their arrival.
  • Practise these attitudes not only towards others but also toward yourself. 

  • One of the simplest and most effective ways to approach pranayama is to lie back against a single rolled blanket that just catches the shoulders. 
  • Incorporate bhramari breathing into home practise!
  • Generally do pranayama before asana unless it has been a quiet practise, and allow a bit of a break for your nervous system before starting into asanas.
  • For energy, lengthen the inhale; for relaxation, the exhale. 

  • Warrior 3
  • More backbends!!!!
  • Also try the supported head stand from the cardiac practise (chair, blocks, bolster, planks).  

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