Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Yoga in the Heart of the City Every morning all week, heading to the studio for an hour of pranayama and then two more hours of asana. An intensive with emphasis on opening the heart.  Summerlicious! Great lunches in great restaurants, Frank (chilled melon and grape soup with sea buckthorn, kohlrabi + bulgogi po-boy pork belly, kimchi, apple, crispy shallots + soursop ice bar candied cashew crust) Jaipur (Dhall Balla Chaat + Grouper Konkani + Mango Mousse) Cocktails Trying a few new twists...  A Mad Dog (Hendricks gin with cucumbers). Amber Road (Bourbon and Aperol). Sloe Gin Fizz (sloe gin, gin and soda) Paloma (tequila, grapefruit juice, lime & soda). Art Picturing the Americas at the AGO is truly impressive, with epic canvases featuring landscapes from Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic. The paintings that try to capture the scale of new territories are thrilling... what it must have been like 200 years ago, when there was still uncharted territory on the planet and quests to share new wonders. Also From the Forest to the Sea, celebrating the ecstatic art of Emily Carr, including watercolours and sketches, that brought me a new perspective on her incredible talents.  Theatre Kinky Boots was a riot! I loved how powerful the drag queen became when he dressed in women's clothes, versus how meek he was when trying to fit in as a stereotypical male. The play was adapted from an indie movie and was four years in the writing. The most memorable line for me was "You change the world when you change your mind." Ukulele A couple of 1-1 Ukulele lesson with Steve McNie. He's an exceptional teacher and I like his sensibility. The first time we got together it was almost like a yoga lesson in posture, alignment, and mindfulness. He made me laugh more than once, including when he referenced Monty Python's "Every sperm is sacred" to make the point that every note deserves your full attention.   Gardening Moving things here and there, weeding, and just sitting and enjoying the view.  Sailing The best sail of the season so far on July 11, we were out for hours and then anchored at the foot of the bluffs. The next day, we had a get-together with my brothers, sister and some nieces and nephews at BPYC as Rob took people out for a sail while I entertained on the spit. It was a wonderful day! July 18 was the BPYC fundraiser party for our charity, the Blind Sailors of Ontario, and also a chance to get out on the water for a day sail. July 19 was spent at anchor on the foot of the Bluffs, strumming a bit on the uke and loving the moment.

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